A whimsical self directed project, AI Migrants is a series of speculative writings and artefacts created in collaboration with everyday forms of artificial intelligence, such as the dictation settings on my iPhone, poetry generators and predictive text messaging. The project was a disorganised mess of actions and reactions, attempting to interpret my experiences with these machines through writing and making. Embracing automation in order to create work alongside the machine, inviting these future migrants in a futile yet ceremonious attempt to bring life to the machine through visual practice. The written parts of the project use Sci-Fi to explore what might happen when AI start to migrate into our virtual and physical world.

The migration of infantile artificial intelligence into the inner workings of our everyday lives is happening now. We are shaping them as we play music, message each other, take photos and dock our Santander Cycles. We are their poly-mothers feeding them through fibre-optic umbilical tubes and they are our poly-children, learning in mutually agreed connection.

‘They’ are ‘learning’ about ‘us’ through our daily actions. Through ‘them’ we are learning about ‘ourselves’ and Through ‘us’ they are learning about ‘each other’. As this is happening boundaries between these terms become less distinctive and more importantly less important. For better, worse or indifferent A.I’s are becoming I’s, you’s and they’s.

Language Game[s] Exhibition, Chelsea College of Arts
Future Artifacts Archive, Show 2017, Royal College of Art

Speculative Fiction
Artificial Intelligence
Science Fiction
The Other
Speculative Design